• Oilfield Equipment
    Oilfield Equipment
    Equipment for filling stations, oil refineries, for transportation, shipping, mining, processing and storage of oil and gas.
  •  Fuel dispensers
    Fuel dispensers

    Dispensers of input additives for the preparation of branded fuel

  • Gas equipment
    Gas equipment

    Equipment for the draining, filling and metering of liquefied gases

  • Filling oil
    Filling oil

    Equipment for filling and maintenance of tankers

  • Safety equipment
    Safety equipment

    Equipment operator safety during maintenance

RKP-holding in the oil and gas industry is a group of companies, providing full range of services - from design to manufacture and supply of equipment for the oil, gas, chemical industries and nuclear energy.

Work and supply of equipment for structural units of OAO "Gazprom" on the basis of the "General Agreement on cooperation in the field of creation and production of high-performance equipment for exploration, gas production and transportation," the present time the company is carried out.

All equipment manufactured by enterprises RKP-holding company, is certified and is developed in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the customer, are fully tested and has permission from the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

gas station


Project - Oil "turnkey"

In order to present all the equipment for the petroleum products market segments, namely the development of projects, products; manufacture of articles and equipment; production of construction work at the facility; installation of equipment; commissioning and start-up equipment, the company created a specialized unit RKP.

The organization carries out comprehensive work on the design, construction, installation and commissioning work at the facilities of petroleum products and delivery of turnkey facilities with a further guarantee and warranty support equipment.

The composition of the units

  • The project team of 20 specialists, having 10 years of experience in the design of dangerous objects, including oil depots, railway bridges, gas stations;
  • Construction group of 15 experts;
  • Mounting a group of 20 specialists, including certified welders, fitters, electricians;
  • Service group of 20 experts, including field engineers and software engineers.

Pozrazdelenie produces the design, construction and installation of transshipment oil product terminals on a new technological platform, consisting of prefabricated modules consisting of:

  • Railway tank maintenance unit (rack);
  • Product pump module from the railway tanks, containers and tank trucks;
  • module product registration and distribution for acceptance from the railway tanks and product tanks to tanker trucks and extradition;
  • module terminal overhang of tankers;
  • tank truck loading module;
  • tank control module;
  • control and power supply module;
  • storage park consisting of horizontal and vertical tanks.

gas equipment

This technology platform allows you to:

  • quickly build facilities and reduced to the arrangement of the foundations, installation of the modules, the outer lining of product pipelines and cable lines without the construction of pumping and administrative buildings;
  • automate account how the product at acceptance and during shipment, ie receive the balance of product movement at any time;
  • to make the transfer or disposal without hot work;
  • automate the process of acceptance and product release with minimal staff.

oil equipment

Staff competence is confirmed:

    10 - years of experience in the design of dangerous objects;
manufacture and supply of the oil equipment, its installation supervision and start-up for 15 years in all of the fuel companies of Russia and "Rosrezerva" structures;
Evidence of explosion protection equipment, certificates of the Customs Union and the European Union certificates;
availability of metrological certificates for the devices, measuring systems and checking means;
the presence of licensed software complex ARM Civil Engineering 13 for calculation and design of structures for industrial and civil construction;
Evidence of CPO for design work in the amount of 5 million rubles and construction work in the amount of 60 million rubles for each contract..;
systematic training of employees at the Interdepartmental Institute for Advanced Studies in St. Petersburg.

Also, group companies RKP produce and supply equipment and provide services:

  •   For petrol stations
  • for gazozapravok
  • for the transportation of oil and gas
  • for recovery
  • rezervurarny account
  • Oil and gas equipment maintenance
  • installation and configuration of equipment

We accept your orders for the design and construction of turnkey petroleum products as well as packaging and delivery of process equipment, commissioning and after-sales service.